Tips to consider when selecting a Hospital Information System

Tips to consider when selecting a Hospital Information System

In recent years the marketplace for hospital information and management systems has expanded at a fast pace. Modern healthcare organizations make use of these information systems to complete their tasks accurately and in less time. Before we get started with the tips, you should know what exactly HIMS is.

HIMS is advanced software that offers end-to-end solutions for hospital/clinical operations, including administration, scheduling appointments, decision-making, medical, laboratory, financial, patient care, reporting, and many more. These programs empower healthcare organizations in managing a full range of activities in different departments.

Since it is a significant investment, it is essential to opt for the most suitable hospital information and management solution. The first step towards it is to discover the real objectives and goals you want to accomplish using HIMS. However, it can be a difficult task, and here we bring some essential tips for you to make a final decision.

Decide on the features your hospital/clinic needs

As already discussed, make a list of the tasks you want to manage using HIMS, whether you need only the admin features or wish to automate laboratory management tasks. Decide if you require warehouse management as another advanced feature in it. Here are some common features of HIMS:

  • Managing day to day operations: These include computerized receipts, logistic management, financial analysis, keeping track of hospital supplies, etc. It helps organize the tasks and improve overall efficiency.
  • Automation: This feature empowers the patients to book online appointments from the comfort of their homes. Hospitals can automate reminder text messages and emails to ensure the patients don’t miss their appointments.
  • Billing: This feature enables the accurate and timely management of bills and automatic generation of patient reports.
  • Improved patient communication: It is another advanced feature that is used to forward balance statements. It promotes a better collection of payments.

Ease of use

HIMS that is hard to use is not going to improve the productivity of your staff. That’s why you should always ensure that the solution is easy to use. You can get the opinion of the staff that is going to use the software and make the decision on which software they are more comfortable with.

Client-server Vs. cloud-based

Always evaluate where your HIMS will be located. There are two options- client-server and cloud-based. You will have remote access for the HIMS that is cloud-based, and you can easily access it through a web browser. It comes with the benefit of accessing it anytime and from anywhere.


We highly suggest getting a breakdown of the cost that the company will charge you. Always ensure that there aren’t any hidden costs for the software updates, certain features, or servers.

HIMS Software Demo

You should never opt for the Hospital information system just because it is attractive in looks. It is essential to go for an online demo to evaluate whether it is packed with all the features that your hospital requires.

Compare options

It is recommended to find the best options available in the market and process the demos for all. Once you are done with the demos, it is time to pick the best one that fits your requirements and budget.


By considering all of these points, you can easily pick a perfect solution for your hospital. You can also consider having a look at an innovative HIMS like Yasasii by KamedaArabia empower you to accelerate day to day business operations, from managing appointments, tracking expenses and revenue, laboratory management to all other internal administration tasks. It will help you in an unparalleled manner.

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